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Nissan Hypercube Panorama Project

Agincount Nissan

Nissan Canada Inc. has launched ‘hypercube’, a unique social media campaign to promote its all new cube® vehicle. hypercube celebrates, recognizes and rewards ’social creativity’ in Canada. The company behind the newest example of modern mobility is offering an online stage for 500 creative thinkers and talented individuals from across the country to demonstrate their social creativity and audition for a chance at driving away in one of 50 new cubes.

Art Gallery of Ontario

I’m Rannie Turingan and I’m a freelance photographer in Toronto. I’ve been chosen as one of the 500 Finalist in Nissan’s Campaign. To show off my creativity, I decided to create a concept where shoot panorama images from around the city of Toronto. Everyday for the next month, I’ll be adding panorama shots to this gallery, based on places I’ve been in the city, as well as suggestionsFurosemide Online from people like you.

Broadview Lofts

What can you do to help?

- Send me location suggestions via twitter @photojunkie or email at photojunkie@gmail.com
- Visit my Canvas page and vote for me DAILY at http://www.icanhaz.com/hypercube
- Join the Facebook Group and tell your friends about the great panorama images.
- You can Add to Faves on FlickrFurosemide Online
- You can digg the panorama gallery at

Cube Dashboard at Sherway Nissan

About the Panorama Images

All the images are shot using the iPhone Panorama App by The iFone Guys. The app allows me to shoot and stitch my panoramic images together on my iPhone.

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